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Figure Skating Passion - Sylvia

My Skaters know that one
more time
actually means uncountable more times

Sylvia Holtes
European & World Figure Skating coach

The most ideal situation is to start with a young and hard working skater,
preferably in the home arena. To polish a rough stone until it becomes a true diamond gives the greatest satisfaction one can imagine.

Working with multiple specialist coaches on one skater, even at different locations, can be very effective when managed correctly.
It is essential for the head coach to establish frequent and intensive contact with the skater and coaches involved. This to ensure that knowledge can be shared, advice and ideas formulated and not only skills, but also pleasure can be optimised.

Nowadays communication technology helps us coaches to make the above possible.

Working Method
I have enormous admiration for one of Worlds best Figure Skating Coach Alexei Mishin.

He calls me the Coach who lives below sea level!

My first encounter with this fantastic coach was in Germany/Saarbrucken
during a summer camp.
A year later he was introduced in Holland and came back for many years giving seminars to skaters and coaches.

So, my working method is largely based on the Mishin technique but is also filled
with ingredients of other interesting coaches from different parts of the world.
I constantly observe, learn, adjust to move to the next level of difficulty with the skaters and share my knowledge.

Can you imagine to be on the ice with Urmanov - Yagudin and Plushenko?

A time to never forget and always remember. I followed him as much as
possible with my skaters.
I also recommended him to several skaters/coaches from other countries and I will continue to do so.
After some years learning from him I thought it was polite to visit his school in St. Petersburg. So I did.


What I have noticed through the years is that many famous Olympic coaches integrate his exercises into their coaching package.

Where would we be without ”the Master” in the Skating World.

Never give up on the Dream

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